Making Killer Pinterest Boards / by Del Belcher

In the post "Pinterest Perfection", we discussed how to make your Pinterest look beautiful. It's one thing to have a Pinterest page, but it's another thing making it look sweet.

One of my social media maxims is "Stop making the interns do the work." If you scroll through Indeed, Monster or a likeminded website you will find hundreds of job postings for either Interns to run social media, or part time social media management. Nothing against your interns or youths in general but listen ya'll. This madness has to stop.

Why? Believe it or not, Social Media is a 100% legitimate marketing and communications platform. Do you let inexperience interns produce your Superbowl Halftime commercial? No. The same should go for your Social Media and all of your marketing for that matter. Why? Just because you know how a platform works, doesn't mean that that person has the skills and ability to utilize the wealth of tools that are available outside of a users day to day experience. This brings me to Pinterest.

Pinterest is almost as bad as entering a YouTube or Wikipedia Worm Hole. You know, you start pinning and you pin, pin pin and all of a sudden you are looking at a snake with braces wondering what you are doing with your life. 

If you are looking to drive traffic, brand recognition, glean useful analytics and in general kill it on the old, following these tips

  1. Take your time pinning - Don't just post and post and post. Scour for the best!
  2. Construct your Pinboards on paper - Make a physical list of possible board ideas that are informed by your brands goals and values. It's ok if a board goes a little off track, but don't make those rabbit trails the focus of what you are doing.
  3. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should - Something might strike you as funny or interesting but that doesn't mean it is relevant to your brand. 
  4. Create your own content - I use the Pinterest template on  to create optimal pins. This insures everything looks like how I want it to look. Creating pins is also the best way to share traffic driving content.
  5. Follow relevant content - It is always a good plan to follow two or three relevant boards per your own board. In order to curate relevant content for "Amazing Eats," I make sure to follow 3 relevant Michigan food boards. 
  6. Re-pin from your followers - Your followers will love this. 

Remember, users may not remember a particular pin of yours, but they will remember their experience. In the world of Pinterest, where everything looks pretty much the same, creating a brand theme and sticking to it will go a long way.