Hey you! Yeah you, the one creating all of those Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and Pinterest pins. I want to talk to you.

We can all think of a few mistakes that folks make on social media. If you’ve lived in the internet world a while, you’ve probably made a few. Everyone can remember a tpyo typo on that post about a new product or business venture. And we’ve probably all made a mistake when interacting with a customer. Mistakes happen.

Unfortunately, there is one mistake we consistently see tons of folks make that no one seems to mention.

Social media content creators – you need to stop being so selfish!

When we talk to our clients, their chief goal is usually to make more money (duh – bottom line – right?). Because that is the main goal, when they write posts or tweets, the content comes from a place that is way too self-centered.

Let’s look at the case of a Facebook post from MiraMed of Jackson (so sorry if you’re reading this MiraMed peeps, this might hurt a little).

MiraMed Facebook post promoting a new eAlert product

Judging by the post, the folks at MiraMed have some eAlerts. I clicked on the post link to find that these alerts allow you to get the latest updates in the Healthcare Business Services industry. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this post is SOOOO selfish. This post is coming from a place of ‘We have product X, use product X.’ It is really pushy. If you look at the post metrics, no one has liked, commented on, or shared the post. If no one is engaging with your Facebook posts, that is a huge red flag. Why did no one engage? No one engaged because the post did not consider what the audience would like. The post did not even seem to consider whether their audience was a typical Facebook user.
Let’s move onto a less selfish Facebook post.

Experience Jackson Facebook post promoting an article on Nite Lites Jackson

Our friends at Experience Jackson made this AMAZING Facebook post about two weeks ago (let's talk later about referral traffic). The post linked to an article telling consumers how they could get the best out of their Nite Lites experience. The post is helpful because it gives people free advice on a topic in which they’re likely interested. Consumers liked this post – as evidenced by the fact that it was liked 39 times and shared 18 times. Who doesn’t like fun Christmas lights? Right!
If you want to win on social, you need to stop being so selfish. Think about what your consumer wants – and then find a way to give them that. In the end, it will likely help you reach that bottom line goal we’re all concerned about.

If you want help thinking of better ways to reach your customer via social, Mich Marketing is here. Email us today, we’d love to talk to you.