Get started with Facebook Post Targeting / by Del Belcher

By Del Belcher

Believe it or not - Facebook has just given you the ability to target your audience in an effective and powerful way!

After years of algorithm updates and moves that favor paid page activity, Facebook has finally provided some sweet relief for the little guy (wipes brow, thanks the Facebook gods). This relief is called: Facebook Prefered Audiences - or PA

PA is a brand spanking new Facebook page setting that allows you to choose the people you’d like to reach in the Facebook News Feed. People in the PA you select are more likely to see what you post! For example: Say your page has 1,000 fans but your posts are only reaching 50. What does the PA tool do? Instead of sending your message out in hopes of reaching all 1,000 people, PA allows you to shrink your audience to one that is more relevant to post’s message.

Here’s how to start experimenting your way to success:

1. Turn it on! - Head to your settings and click "Audience Optimization for Posts

2. Target - Go to publish a new postUnder the “Write something…” box find and click the new a gun-sight icon. Who should you target? Well, who is the audience for this post? Search for them.

The interest options get pretty granular - don’t get too crazy with the selections but feel free to experiment to see what works best for your page.

Facebook Targeting 4.JPG

What about audience restrictions? We’ll get to that in another post!

In social media, there is no silver bullet. However, when it comes to Facebook, there is a reward for playing with the tools Facebook gives you. Know your audience, and know your tools. If you take the time to target your posts you will see the results, and those results will be worth it.

Here is a quick video of the process! Enjoy